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ZeldaX now has a chatroom, thanks to www.aweenet.net ! If you wanna visit the chatroom go to zeldax.net/webchat.php I am currently looking for Mods, please apply thanks
Posted on 09 Aug 2006 by Kafei
Camp Hyrule is giving away a Nintendo Wii details emerge of the pricing
Today I received an email from Camp Hyrule;

Camp Hyrule 2006 begins the morning of Monday August 14, and here at
Nintendo Headquarters we're getting really excited about what we're certain
will be the BEST CAMP EVER!

This year, each and every registered camper will automatically be entered
in a sweepstakes to win a Wii console! We’ll randomly select one camper
during the Camp Hyrule 2006 Closing Ceremonies, and as soon as Wii is
released it will shipped to that camper’s home. The official sweepstakes
rules are included at the bottom of this e-mail.

You have been assigned to Cabin #6, and your lead Cabin Counselors are
NOA_Teragram and NOA_Zach (NOA stands for Nintendo of America). Camp
Hyrule begins August 14 at 9:00 am Pacific Time, and ends the evening of
August 18.

When you click "Enter Camp" at www.camphyrule.com on Monday morning, the
first thing you'll see is the Camp Hyrule map. You can explore tons of chat
rooms, bulletin boards and other fun stuff by exploring this map. While
you're exploring, be sure to visit the Trading Post to see a complete list
of Camp Hyrule activities each day.

Here is your Cabin Chat schedule (all times are Pacific Daylight-Savings

10:00am - 11:00am, Monday through Friday


4:00pm - 5:00pm, Monday through Thursday

Grand Prize: One (1) Grand Prize winner will receive one (1) Wii video gamesystem. Approximate retail value of the Wii video game system has not yet been determined, but will not exceed $250.00. Also if you like excecising, we will be including one of the top treadmills for $2000 in the prize pool that will be given at the end of the year. For all the fitness maniacs out there!
Posted on 09 Aug 2006 by Kafei
Prediction for Nintendo Wii's launch date
Hi there people, its your friend Kafei with his own prediction on Nintendo's console, the Wii. I have done my research and I give out my own launch date. I predict that Nintendo's Wii new console will launch in November 7th. I have many reasons for this, and I will not list. If I turn out wrong, then aleast I made a prediction if I am close to this launch date, then my sources never fail me. Thanks
Posted on 05 Aug 2006 by Kafei
Camp Hyrule Update #2 / General
In the week of August 14th, Camp Hyrule will begin. I hope to meet some of the viewers of Zelda X. This is my first time going to Camp Hyrule, as because I never applied before. Keep in mind I am looking over a few bug issues, errors on the site. I hope I can fix them. I am still looking for , and a good layout maker. Remember: if you wanna contribute to the site, make sure to email me at lethalphonenix@gmail.com Thanks
Posted on 30 Jul 2006 by Kafei
Camp Hyrule
Camp Hyrule's signups start tommorow! You can only signup between the 25th and 27th of July. The camp will ultimately take place the week of August the 14th.
I will be signing up as well, you can expect me to participate for the first time this year. Again this is just a reminder for the signups tomorrow. smile
Posted on 25 Jul 2006 by Kafei
Even More Twilight Princess Art
I uploaded more Art into the Media Gallery

Media Gallery

They are very amazin pieces of art you might want to check out!
Posted on 18 Jul 2006 by Kafei
Twilight Princess Art
I have uploaded new art into the gallery, check it out

New Twilight Princess Art
Posted on 17 Jul 2006 by Kafei
Hi there
Sorry I havent updated in a long wild, college got the best of me. I am looking for a person who can do a free layout for Zelda X, please contact me at lethalphonenix@gmail.com Also Zelda X is looking for active as well. Well no zelda news lately since its been slow. Ill keep you updated incase anything comes up.
Posted on 13 Jul 2006 by Kafei
Zelda:Twilight Princess Wii
Has anyone seen this? Check it out.
Posted on 30 Jun 2006 by Kafei
First Zelda Commercial ever!
You notice how on the NES, both the " power " and " reset " buttons are black but the retail home versions are grey? anyways this is so cheesy I would have thrown a deku nut to both of them. laughing
Posted on 30 Jun 2006 by Kafei
Hilarious Commercial
I think you might wanna take a look at this, this is an old commercial but hilarious
Posted on 28 Jun 2006 by Kafei
Added random zelda related and site related wallpapers to Zelda X. Head on down there if you want a cool wallpaper. Media section of the site is being fixed as I speak and when finished should have everything back in order.

Update: Also the bestiary page has been uploaded and fixed to php coding, head on down there for the encyclopedia of monsters.
Posted on 26 Jun 2006 by Kafei
Camp Hyrule 2006
It's coming soon, Camp Hyrule 2006! The yearly event in which Nintendo hosts. I never participated in this event, but now for the first time I will. I'll happy to be bunk buddies if I am lucky to get paired up with some Zelda X viewers, and also don't ask too many questions. I'll update more once it develops. smile
Posted on 25 Jun 2006 by Kafei
Today in Zelda X
- Continous error fixing.
- Updates.
- Added Affiliate Zelda Dimension, they are back!
- Looking for , contact me.
- Uploading new media soon.
- Need to update old pages.
- Need better layout.
- Forums.
- Content.
- Fan Art needs fixing.

For the week of 18th - 23th of June, 2006. tongue
Posted on 23 Jun 2006 by Kafei
I though it would be a good idea to share these signature images in which you can use for your forum account. I use them myself, although all credit goes to www.userbars.com

Posted on 22 Jun 2006 by Kafei
Zelda Commercial
This isn't new, I though about re-posting it since it uses good CGI animation. Take a Look!
Posted on 18 Jun 2006 by Kafei
Problems with FTP
It seems when I try to upload something, it isnt there? I think my FTP is on the old server I think thats why I cant upload anything and it isnt viewable. I will talk to my host about this issue thanks
Posted on 12 Jun 2006 by Kafei
Everything is in order
Forgive that rude image you have just seen. I couldnt access my FTP because the never worked. I have things in order know, and I do know who keeps spamming the comments section. I will take full responsibility for that image on my site, even though I didnt upload it, it was still on Zelda X crying however, I do forgive the person who keeps spamming my comments. Certain people in this world dont have a life, and want to ruin life for others since they are redundant. Welcome to Zelda X!
Posted on 03 Jun 2006 by Kafei
Finals are due, essays are due. More content is being re uploaded. Bare with me, this is a busy week for a hard working individual as myself. Not to mention that I just received a great pair of bookshelf speakers that I need to play with. smile
Posted on 03 Jun 2006 by Kafei
Content is back up
I am 100% sure I uploaded all the files I had back up. Be sure to check them out, also if you get a 404 page then please post a comment about it or email me thanks.
Posted on 27 May 2006 by Kafei
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